Copper Iridium coins are magical and powerful. They will stop a bus when carried in it by stopping ignition, but not when wrapped in a carbon paper. A candle flame bends towards this coin. When rice is brought near the coin, it gets attracted towards the coin. You can find an electric circuit tester indicating light when touched with, on the coin. Your electronic watch will stop when brought near this coin!

The Copper Iridium coins called 1616 have three magical points, which disables entire power in any form near it. To test the coin. The complete test can be done only in remote sea shores.


In 1603 AD, East India Company was formed in India, with establishments in various places, with head office in England. The company started minting coins to do business according to its new system.

In the year 1616 AD, there was a Grahakutami (A complete solar eclipse) which lasted for more than 5 hours in India. The Britishers, with the help of Indian Rishis minted Copper coins with Copper Iridium metal in assorted weights and sizes. The coins were hand made

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